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Position Summary: The Youth Curling Coordinator will be primarily responsible for coordinating and facilitating the Little Rocks Curling Program (Fun Curl) at Moose Jaw Ford Curling Club and assist with Junior(Youth) Development Program which are both offered on Sunday afternoons.  

This is a seasonal position from October 25 – March 21. 

Hours of Work:  Sundays 12:30 – 4:30 pm (hours may change slightly to accommodate league times and some bonspiels)

Also helping run the Youth Bonspiel(CHAB) Dec 5-6

Salary Range: $20 per hour

QUALIFICATIONS:  Must have or be willing to complete Club Coach or Competition Coach Level 1 course.   Good communication and organizational skills.   Experience working with youth  and Knowledgeable about the sport of curling.   Energetic, enthusiastic and interested in developing young curlers and promoting the sport of curling


1. Supervise and lead on-ice program and provide on-ice behaviour management.

2. Provide on-ice instruction and support as required.

3. Assess and evaluate the effectiveness of the curling development program.

4.  Plan and coordinate a training session for on-ice parent volunteers.

5. Other activities working with the youth curling program as required. 

Please submit cover letter and résumé by email to:

Curl Moose Jaw: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Closing Date: October 14, 2020

mosaic_logo_-_Copy.png                                                                   Spectra HorizontalPrimary

September 08, 2020

Hello Curlers,

Mosaic Place and the Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre is excited to welcome all our returning curlers and new faces for another great season of curling!

The staff at Mosaic Place have been working hard this extended off season to provide a fun and safe environment that will host exciting game play from Competitive to Learn to Curl levels.

As we welcome you back to the Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre you will find enhancements to make your experience a safe and positive one.  Adjustments have been made to entrances, lobby layout and game play that will assist in the protection against the Covid-19 virus.  Along with our high standard of cleanliness, additional sanitization and added disinfectant runs have been put in place to keep our guests healthy and curling.

The Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre is excited to be using a new curling registration platform called Curling IO, It may seem familiar to some as it has been adopted by many curling facilities and is a Curl Canada program.   We are happy to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the steps when you need assistance.  This Canadian based program is quite user friendly.  

The new program will require everyone to create a profile.  Already know what day you would like to curl?  Simply filter through at top of the page on CURLING IO and enter your desired league.  The Curling IO link is  and opens on Sept 9, 2020.  If anyone has questions or needs assistance, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  With no changes in league fees over the past few years there will be a slight adjustment to the fees.

The Moose Jaw Ford Curling Club along with Curl Moose Jaw are working hard to continue to bring new added features to the Curling Center.   Thank you, Curl Moose Jaw, for installing the remaining TV’s and on ice cameras.  Be ready to catch the close-up action of the away end.  Compass is also looking forward to better serving you from the new lower lobby concession as well as the Great Western Lounge.

Please review the attached FAQ’s that we hope will answer some of your questions and concerns as we move forward to the new normal for curling clubs during the pandemic.   We are working hard to make this season the best one yet.   We are all in this together.

Looking forward to seeing all your friendly faces soon. 




Rhonda Wenarchuk
Curling Programmer
Spectra Venue Management
At the Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre

March 16, 2020

Effective end of day (5:00 PM) March 16, 2020, Mosaic Place and the Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre will be closed to the public until further notice.  We will be monitoring the situation closely and working with our internal and external partners to further a proactive approach to deal with COVID -19 (Coronavirus).   In the coming days we will work with groups, associations, event organizers regarding their event or ice booking at Mosaic Place and the Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre. 

We continue to encourage all parties to follow standard health precautions, such as consistent handwashing for 20 seconds, covering coughs and sneezes, practice "social distance" by not shaking hands or hugging, don’t touch surfaces and then your mouth, eyes or nose.  We encourage individuals who are sick stay home.

Again, we will continue to monitor the situation very closely and follow recommendations from the Saskatchewan Health Authority, and the City of Moose Jaw.   Check  for up to date information.

Any changes to upcoming events will be communicated via our website and social media channels.


Draw 24

50/50 #: X-494916
Pot=$18,890  Payout=$9,445
50/50 Winner: Daniel St-Jacques - Moose Jaw

Draw 23

50/50 #:W-130856
Pot=$11,180 Payout=$5,590
50/50 Winner: Denise Skinner & Carmen Koski - Coronach, SK 

Draw 22

50/50 #:V-512712
Pot=$15,990 Payout=$7,995
50/50 Winner: Lana Rakai - Punnichy 

Draw 21 

50/50 #:U-541608
Pot=$1,406 Payout=$6,703
50/50 Winner: Evelyn Haas - Radville, SK 

Draw 20 - Tie Breaker (no draw) 

Draw 19 

50/50 #:T-546344
Pot=$15,006 Payout=$7,503
50/50 Winner: Krista Allen - Davidson, SK 

Draw 18 

50/50 #:S-292042
Pot=$10,900 Payout=$5,450
50/50 Winner: Robert Haas - Grayson, SK 

Draw 17

50/50 #: R-481489
Pot=$10,370  Payout=$5,185
50/50 Winner:  Shannon Hrytzak - Kelvington, SK

Draw 16

50/50 #: Q-269870
Pot=$8,005  Payout=$4,003
50/50 Winner:  Rick Forst - Regina, SK

Draw 15

50/50 #: P-516633
Pot=$1,335  Payout=$668
50/50 Winner: Connor Sisco - Regina

Draw 14

50/50 #: O-336801
Pot=$11,120  Payout=$5,560
50/50 Winner: Robert Shearer - Souris, MB

Draw 13

50/50 #: N-459659
Pot=$7,255  Payout=$3,628
50/50 Winner: Sam Wills & McKenzie Schwartz - Lumsden

Draw 12

50/50 #: M-592671
Pot=$2,570  Payout=$1,285
50/50 Winner: Neil Dahl & Group - Saskatoon

Draw 11

50/50 #: L-590903
Pot=$11,530  Payout=$5,765
50/50 Winner: Bruce Birchard - Winnipeg

Draw 10

50/50 #: K-207368
Pot=$12,025  Payout=$6,013
50/50 Winner: Roger Dahl - Viceroy SK

Draw 9

50/50 #: J-289688
Pot=$2,400  Payout=$1,200
50/50 Winner: Joan Graham, Brenda Bower & Mavis Martin - Medicine Hat

Draw 8 

50/50 #: I-237438
Pot=$10,975  Payout=$5,488
50/50 Winner: Maureen Cloutier & Group - Saskatoon

Draw 7

50/50 #: H-447700
Pot=$8,870  Payout=$4,435
50/50 Winner: Larry Polupski - Moose Jaw

Draw 6

50/50 #: G-119491
Pot=$3,000  Payout=$1,500
50/50 Winner: Carol Shinkewski & Donna Looyenga (Saskatoon)

Draw 5

50/50 #: F-298659
Pot=$14,180  Payout=$7,090
50/50 Winner: Trevor Woronuik, Tye Olson & Megan Moore - Estevan

Draw 4

50/50 #: E-206294
Pot=$21,710  Payout=$10,855
50/50 Winner: Michelle, Korene & Melanie from Regina

Draw 3 

50/50 #: D-377425
Pot=$2,935  Payout=$1,468
50/50 Winner: Marie Bradley - Whitewood SK

Draw 2

50/50 #: C-325045
Pot=$9,330  Payout=$4,665
50/50 Winner: Derek Dejaegher from MJ

Draw 1

50/50 #: B-346701
Pot=$9,820  Payout=$4,910
50/50 Winner: Roy Carson from Grand Coulee

Draw Wild Card

50/50 #: A-401582
Pot=$9,725  Payout=$4,863
50/50 Winner: Wayne Obst from Weyburn

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.